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Periodontal Program



Bleeding Gums|Bad Breath|Loose Teeth|Receding Gums|Sensitivity

These symptoms are all signs of Periodontal (Gum) disease. It is nicknamed the “silent disease” as it is usually pain free and is the most common cause of tooth loss in adults, being accountable for 70% of missing teeth. The latest statistics show it affects 3 in 4 people at some point in their lifetime.

At Finest Smile, our experienced Hygienists/Therapists have developed a Comprehensive Periodontal Program to help stabilize the disease. You will have a series of appointments for Klara to make an assessment, take full mouth periodontal charting and pocket measurements, and to undertake any deep cleaning that is required.

Appointment 1 - £99

- Initial Assessment, full mouth scale and polish

- Personalised, detailed oral hygiene instructions


Appointment 2 - £69

- Full periodontal assessment and pocket measurements - 1-6 X-rays may be required (£10 each)

- Full mouth scale and polish

- Treatment planning with a personalised and fully explained treatment plan


Appointments 3-6 - £99 each

- Series of 1 to 4 appointments, for a thorough Deep Clean of the affected sections of your mouth, usually under local anaesthetic


You DO NOT need to be registered with us, or have seen your dentist recently, to visit our dental hygiene clinic – you can visit us as a direct access patient at no extra cost!

We work closely with a specialist periodontologist and will always refer if further specialist treatment is needed.



Do you accept referrals to your periodontal program?

Yes! Please click here to visit our referral page. Thank you in advance for your kind referral.


Who leads the periodontal team?

Our periodontal team is led by Klara Mach. Klara is a very talented hygienist/therapist who has worked closely with periodontal specialists and helped many patients stabilize their periodontal disease. Klara is very well known for her supportive attitude and passion for her work.


Is this treatment uncomfortable?

Our periodontal treatment is always undertaken with local anaesthetic, to make sure you are as comfortable as possible whilst the treatment is carried out.


What could happen if my gum disease goes untreated?

Potential consequences include bone loss, infection and the loss of teeth.