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Adult Teeth Straightening - Six Month Smiles



A less than straight smile can make people feel low in confidence about their looks and smile. Feeling ashamed of your teeth can affect your whole life, making you less assertive and less likely to feel confident, socialise and smile. There are many modern orthodontic solutions to treat misaligned teeth, but most people don't want to be wearing braces for a number of years. We offer 6 Month Smiles to address this as they are able to straighten teeth in a matter of months.


With over 700,000 people treated worldwide since 2006 you have the confidence of a tried and tested system.


6 Month Braces work using clear brackets and wiring so that they look discreet within the mouth. They also focus solely on teeth that are visible when you smile rather than all the teeth, meaning they are faster than traditional fixed braces and look much more discreet in the mouth.



What are Six Month Smiles® braces?

Six Month Smiles® is a short term orthodontic treatment that enables fast, painless and safe teeth straightening process. Six Month Smiles® is a revolutionary system from New York, available now in the UK that can reduce the time taken to straighten your smile from two years to just six months. The system uses wires and attachments that help speed the process up and move the teeth safely into the correct position.


Why choose Six Month Smiles® treatment?

Many people can be put off by orthodontic treatment due to the amount of time required to complete the treatment and the fact that you have wire fixed to your teeth. Traditional wire braces usually take around 2 years to move crooked or misaligned teeth into the correct position. Six Month Smiles is a fast and reliable solution that can give you straight, healthy teeth and a beautiful bright smile in just 6 months.


What are the key benefits of Six Month Smiles® clear braces?

Six Month Smiles is a convenient and highly effective orthodontics solution that can fit in everyone's busy lifestyle. The benefits of the six month smile braces are:


  • Average treatment time is only six months.
  • The braces are clear and barely visible unless looking closely.
  • Teeth are moved in a quarter of the time compared with traditional braces.
  • Discomfort is kept to a minimum, as the teeth are gently repositioned.
  • Six Month Smiles is typically less expensive than traditional braces or aligner therapy.


Is Six Month Smiles® right for you?

If you would like to know whether you are a suitable candidiate for Six Month Smiles®, please book in for a cosmetic consultation. Our dental team will fully examine your smile and will let you know if Six Month Smiles treatment is suitable for you.



How much does it cost?


Package 1 - £2,899

  • 2 Arches brackets and wires (upper and lower)
  • Fitting of brackets and wires
  • Monthly adjustments appointments
  • FREE professional teeth whitening system valued at £295 - to add extra sparkle to your new smile
  • Removable retainers included to protect your smile and investment - worth £120
  • Fixed retainers NOT included but highly advised - discounted at £60 per arch (usually £120.00 each, 6MS patients are offered retainers for half price)


Optional Extras

  • Dental health assessment / comprehensive examination at £39 if you haven't seen a dentist for six months or do not have your own dentist.
  • Bonding - White fillings to perfect the shape of the front teeth



What payment options are available?


Total cost of Six Month Smiles £2,899


  • £100 discount with payment in full before treatment begins. This is our most popular option. With this discount, you would be responsible for £2,799.
  • £799 at initial Appointment (impression appointment) and £350 to be paid at each of following 6 adjustment appointments.
  • Financing using Care Credit (must qualify) 1 year (12.9%APR Variable) this involves 12 monthly payments of £257.84.
  • Financing using Care Credit (must qualify) 2 years (12.9%APR Variable) this involves 24 monthly payments of £136.74.
  • Financing using Care Credit (must qualify) 3 years (12.9%APR Variable) this involves 36 monthly payments of £96.57.


How soon can I get Six Month Smiles Braces?

It takes just 3 weeks to have your individual braces made to order and then you can have your barely visible braces fitted.


Is there an age limit for Six Month Smiles Braces?

This system is made for adults from 18 years old.


Which tooth corrections can be treated with Six Month Smiles?

  • Closing spaces and gaps between teeth
  • Closing open bites
  • Correcting certain cross bite issues
  • Improving over bite
  • Improving overjet
  • Straightening crooked and crowded teeth
  • Re-positioning teeth that are too high or too low in mouth
  • Imoroving visible gum line to provide a more attractive appearance
  • Aligning teeth for better placement or crowns and / or veneers
  • Providing a fuller, appealing smile