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Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment



Wrinkle Reduction – Botox®


At Finest Smile, we know there is more to a beautiful smile than just great teeth. Take advantage of Wrinkle Reduction Treatments offered at our practice. Botulinium toxin is an internationally established and a safe way to treat wrinkles. It is administered by tiny injections under the skin which temporarily relax specific muscles. This is a simple and effective way to minimise frown lines, forehead lines and crow′s feet. We only use high quality, approved, safe, trusted brands such as Botox® and Azzalure®.


What can I expect at a Wrinkle Relaxing appointment?

Before the treatment begins, your skin will be cleaned with antiseptic. The treatment itself is very quick and takes about ten minutes. It is relatively painless as the needles used for Botox are very small, and most people do not require any pain relief. You will be able to resume your normal activities such as work as soon as treatment is finished. You should however remember to avoid alcohol, facial massages and extreme changes in temperature such as steam rooms and saunas for 24 hours after the procedure. The whole consultation is around 30 minutes.


Do I need to come in for a follow up appointment?

The effect of Botox will start to be visible about 4 to 7 days after the injections and the effects will last for about 3-6 months. Before you leave you should book a follow up appointment, two weeks after the treatment. This is so we can check that you are happy with the results and that the treatment has worked as you expected. If necessary, Botox top up treatment can also be given at this follow up appointment.


How does Botox treatment work?

When Botulinium Toxin (Botox®) is injected into a muscle, it temporarily relaxes the muscle by blocking nerve impulses. As the nerve impulses are blocked, the muscle is temporarily unable to contract so that dynamic wrinkles are not formed. This gives the overlying facial skin a softer and more youthful appearance.


Is Botox treatment safe?

Botulinium Toxin as a muscle relaxant has an excellent safety record and a long record of use in medicine. It has been used successfully in adults and children in variety of medical conditions over the last 20 years. It has been used cosmetically to treat facial wrinkles for about 15 years and has become one of the most popular and frequently used cosmetic treatments.


Who can have Botox treatment?

Botox treatment can be used for treating wrinkles in men and women; however men often need slightly higher doses than women.


How long do the effects last?

It can take up to 14 days to see the full effects after the initial treatment. The cosmetic effects can last up to 6 months but typically range from 3 to 4 months. Eventually most people require re-treatment as the wrinkles reappear.

However, in some treated areas (such as frown wrinkles), the wrinkles may return less severe after repeated treatments as the unconscious muscle reaction habit is broken.


How much does this treatment cost?

The treatment cost varies depending on the number of areas that you would like to have treated. Our price range for wrinkle relaxing injections is £189-£249.