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Cosmetic Treatments


A smile is a person′s most prominent facial feature; even the most beautiful face is rendered immediately unappealing when a smile reveals stained, chipped, missing or crooked teeth. An attractive smile is not just about vanity, a smile is an important part of a first impression. During the past few years there has been a lot of media attention about cosmetic dentistry.


At FINEST SMILE Dental Studio we help people achieve dream smiles with our artistic ability and extensive knowledge. Our philosophy is to create natural looking beautiful smiles.




  • Achieve that Hollywood smile



Veneers are thin sheets of laminate porcelain intended to look like the surface of natural teeth, being applied to the front tooth surface in a similar way to false nails. This creates a flawless smile and , the treatment has become popular in recent years as a result of celebrity endorsements and the growing popularity of Hollywood smiles.


Porcelain Veneers will perfect your smile by evening and smoothing out your smile line, greatly improving the shade of your existing teeth and will evenly proportion the size and width of your teeth to give you that beautiful, perfect smile! Once bonded on they become even stronger and best of all they will never discolour or stain.


The Procedure:


Before the veneers are applied our dentist will prepare your teeth. This is a simple procedure which is carried out under local anaesthetic, requiring the removal of thin pieces of the tooth structure to permit room for the veneers. This is a small amount and generally the same thickness as the veneer.


Once the teeth are ready we will create impressions and your new veneers will be manufactured according to these. We will also discuss colour shades and shapes to help plan your perfect smile. The veneers will be fitted and applied to the teeth using dental adhesive.


How long do dental veneers last?

They should be in place for many years if you look after them well. They can break and become chipped just like natural teeth and you will need to take care when playing sports or eating hard foods.


Why can′t I just whiten my teeth instead?


In some cases, professional teeth whitening can brighten your smile and revive your appearance. When you have gaps, permanent stains, or chips, bleaching your teeth won′t address the issues. Porcelain veneers literally cover the teeth and create a straight, attractive smile.


We strive to provide a relaxed and courteous atmosphere at out practice, making a trip to the dentist a pleasure, not a chore. If you would like to improve, enhance, or protect your smile, please do not hesitate to contact us today.











Teeth Whitening

  • Get the Whiter Teeth and Healthier Smile You′ve Been Wanting



Teeth whitening is one of the easiest ways to enhance your looks. Whether you want to add a sparkle to your everyday smile, for your wedding day, or perfect your look for business meetings, whitening is simple, safe and affordable. Many people say that they feel years younger after the treatment, having erased the effects of ageing, coffee, red wine and cigarettes. In fact teeth whitening can do far more than revitalise your smile – it can revitalise your self-image, your mannerisms and the impression that you make on others.


Pre-bleaching dental examination


Before the tooth whitening process you should have a full examination prior to beginning any whitening procedure to ensure that your oral health is good and all restorations are sound. This includes documenting the current shade of your teeth. We will identify any dental work that exists on those teeth you have chosen to whiten. It is imperative for you to realise that the shade of existing dental restorations will not lighten and could need to be replaced after the bleaching process. You will of course be informed of any such options.


What causes yellow teeth?


There are numerous types of teeth stains; some are genetic, environmental or pharmacological in nature. The most common are surface stains on the enamel or beneath the enamel in the dentin. Surface stains are caused by foods, beverages and lifestyle behaviours, like smoking. Over time, surface stains may penetrate the enamel and change the colour of the dentin, which darkens the overall appearance of the tooth due to the translucency of the enamel layer. When this occurs, the tooth often appears yellow.



Whiten your way, on your time


Day White and Night White whitening gives you superior whitening results by utilising high-potency gels with custom-moulded trays specially made to fit your teeth. Day White and Night White kits offer different options to meet your needs. You will be matched with the treatment that fits your lifestyle to achieve your best results.



How long should I wear my Whitening Trays?


Day White:      The Day White teeth whitening at home system is ideal for patients that clench their teeth or feel uncomfortable wearing overnight tooth bleaching trays. For optimal results, tooth whitening trays should be worn once a day for 1 hour.


Night White:    For patients who want to wake up with a whiter smile, or have a hectic schedule during the day, the Night White system requires teeth bleaching trays to be worn nightly while you sleep. Or, for a minimum of 4 hoursper day.



How long will the whitening effects last?

The whitening effects that a person achieves can last somewhat indefinitely but in most cases a satisfactory shade change is found to last on the order of two to four years. Even though a person′s teeth have been whitened, natural lifestyle processes will continue to occur with agents such as coffee, tea, curry, and tobacco products and you can expect to perform touch up whitening treatments from time to time.


Once initially whitened it is typically an easy matter to retreat or ″touch up″ your teeth at that point in time when you feel they are needed.


When won′t a tooth bleaching system work?

Some types of tooth discolouration are more resistant to lightening than others. Your dentist, as part of their initial examination, will need to determine the most likely cause of your tooth staining. Having done so they can then convey to you what type of whitening results they think can be achieved.


Attempting to bleach teeth to an unnatural level of whiteness can be expected to fail

Please don′t compare the colour of your teeth to those people featured in films, on TV, or in magazine advertisements. In fact, the shade of many models′ and actors′ teeth are unnatural. The extreme shade you see has either been achieved by a means other than by bleaching (such as by placing dental crowns or porcelain veneers) or else never existed at all and instead was created by doctoring a picture.


For a stunning, natural and healthy smile

Tooth whitening is only performed on those who have been clinically examined for dental health, fully informed of the possible risks, and have signed a consent form. Each person is an individual with individual needs and is treated as such; this is the same for any type of treatment.


Does bleaching harm the teeth or gums?


Safety studies have shown that bleaching teeth using dentist prescribed home bleaching technique is perfectly safe on the teeth, cheeks, gum and tissue of the mouth. Bleaching the teeth with a dentist prescribed kit is equivalent to drinking one soda drink. The bleaching material has a ph, which is neutral.


There are problems with the bleaching kits which are purchased over the counter. Although they are inexpensive, they normally contain an acid rinse, which can damage the teeth or thin down the enamel of the teeth. This acid rinse can be extremely harmful to the teeth.


How will my teeth feel?


Normally the teeth feel very clean after the bleaching procedure. The bleaching materials also have an indirect effect on the gums in helping them to heal or improving the health of the gums. This is how the technique was invented, as it was first used to heal gum irritation during orthodontic treatment.


The minimum age for tooth whitening is 18 years old.









A less than straight smile can make people feel low in confidence about their looks and smile. Feeling ashamed of your teeth can affect your whole life, making you less assertive and less likely to feel the confidence to go out, socialise and smile without a care. There are many modern orthodontic solutions to treat misaligned teeth, but many people don't want to be wearing braces for a number of years. We offer 6 Month Braces to this issue as they are able to straighten teeth in a matter of months.


With over 700.000 people treated worldwide since 2006 you have the confidence of a tried and tested system.





6 Month Braces work using clear brackets and wiring so that they look discreet within the mouth. They also focus solely on teeth that are visible when you smile rather than all the teeth, meaning they are faster than traditional fixed braces and look much more discreet in the mouth.






What is Six Month Smiles® Braces?



Six Month Smiles® is a short term orthodontic treatment that enables fast, painless and safe teeth straightening process. Six Month braces is a new revolutionary system from New York, available now in the UK that can reduce the time taken to straighten your smile from two years to six months. The system uses wire and attachments that help speed the process up and move the teeth safely into the correct position.





Why choose Six Month Smiles® treatment?


Many people can be put off by orthodontic treatment due to the amount of time required to complete the treatment and the fact that you have wire fixed to your teeth. Traditional wire braces usually take around 2 years to move crooked or misaligned teeth into the correct position. Six Month Smiles is a fast and reliable solution that can give you straight, healthy teeth and a beautiful bright smile in just 6 months.



What are the key benefits of Six Month Smiles® clear braces?


Six Month Smiles is a convenient and highly effective orthodontics solution that can fit in everyone’s busy lifestyle. The benefits of the six month smile braces are:

Average treatment time is only six months.

The braces are clear and barely visible unless looking closely.

Teeth are moved in a quarter of the time compared with traditional braces.

Discomfort is kept to a minimum, as the teeth are gently repositioned.

Six Month Smiles is typically less expensive than traditional braces or aligner therapy.



Is Six Month Smiles® right for you?


If you would like to straighten your teeth quickly and effectively you should book a consultation with Dr Steindl at Finest Smile Dental Studio. Our dental team will fully examine your smile and will let you know if Six Month Smiles treatment is suitable for you.











Before/After pictures



CASE 1 - 6 month smiles fast orthodontic treatment and bonding




CASE 2 - 6 month smiles fast orthodontic treatment whitening and bonding








Dental bonding can significantly improve your smile by filling in gaps, chips, or cracks in the teeth with tooth-coloured composite resin. It can also lengthen teeth that are too short or correct teeth that are misshapen. A small amount of resin will be added to the affected tooth or teeth to improve its proportions, colour and appearance. It is a quick and painless procedure that can be reversed if desired.


The composite will perfectly match the colour of your teeth to ensure a natural result, and so that no one will notice any difference from a natural tooth or teeth. Combined with whitening bonding can provide fantastic aesthetic results.


Composite bonding is a more affordable alternative to some cosmetic dental treatments like veneers.






∗ Fills in gaps, chips, or cracks, black triangles

∗ Lengthens teeth

∗ Corrects misshapen teeth

∗ Repairs decayed teeth (fills cavities)

∗ Improves discoloured teeth

∗ Non Invasive and affordable treatment



Before/After pictures


All cases completed at Finest Smile Dental Studio.



CASE 1 - black triangles




CASE 2 - correction of incisal edges




CASE 3 - gum recession, erosions




CASE 4 - gum recession, erosion




CASE 5 - reshaping of gums and bonding




CASE 6 - 6 month smiles fast orthodontic treatment and bonding




CASE 7 - 6 month smiles fast orthodontic treatment whitening and bonding




CASE 8 - black triangle




CASE 9 - remake of old composite fillings





Black Triangles


Many of our patients come to us with the dreaded black triangle!


Our experience at Finest Smile Dental Studio is consistent with the published research: approximately one third of all adults have anaesthetic black triangles. Besides being unsightly and prematurely aging the smile, black triangles are prone to accumulate food debris and excessive plaque.


Before we discuss the details of this, let′s look at before and after photos of a case I have completed recently:


Before and After Photos of Black Triangle Correction



Black Triangle correction using dental bonding. The results speak for themselves!


Case and photos by Dr Monika Steindl


The patient above is a middle aged female in our practice. She was very self-conscious about her smile especially about the black triangles which appeared after undergoing specialist periodontal therapy for periodontitis.



We discussed her options at length. While porcelain veneers could have achieved an even better result, we collectively felt that option was too invasive and too costly. So we decided on bonding. We were able to achieve the above result inone hour and she left a changed woman!


Here is a photo of a different case:



Black Triangle correction using dental bonding.


Case and photos by Dr Monika Steindl



About Black Triangles


The dreaded ″black triangle″ has long been considered unsightly and a sign of the aging dentition. In the words of many of my patients, ″It makes me look like I have old-lady teeth.″ Periodontal therapy, especially where pocket reduction surgery was performed routinely creates black triangles.


The term black triangle is more slang than anything else. The technical term is an open gingival embrasure. An open gingival embrasure can lead to multiple issues, including:


Aesthetic concerns, prematurely aged smile

Greater likelihood of decay – because food is more likely to be chronically trapped there.

Speech issues – air can escape through the gap(s) while speaking which can affect the pronunciation of certain sounds.

Ejection of saliva while speaking – And others.

Remember that not all open embrasures need treatment. And if you don′t want to treat them, that′s fine too!


However, we have helped many patients address these with bonding, porcelain veneers, or all ceramic crowns with great results. Please feel free to contact us if you would like a consultation.